Rolfing® Structural Integration & Polestar Certified Pilates Teacher-PMA®

Whole Body Kinetics takes a comprehensive approach to address structural imbalances in the musculoskeletal system through Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI), Movement Education and with Pilates apparatus and movement principles.  Whole Body Kinetics use a whole body approach and scientific research related to bio-tensegrity (whole body movement) to integrate all parts of your body. The result is an acquisition of natural flowing movement throughout your body.  Many clients experience less pain, discomfort, tightness and are able to stand taller without effort, feel lighter, have more energy, and feel younger.


Relationships between muscle, skeletal structures and other parts of the body are connected through the myofascial system and connective tissue framework called fascia.  This is a web-like system that spans the body from head to toe weaving muscle to bone, bone to bone, separating layers of muscle, connecting one structure to another, wrapping, and suspending organs, covering nerves and much more.  Rebalancing this relationship of fascia encourages healthy movement patterns and reduces pain.  Movement associated with pain, discomfort, muscular weakness, or tightness often create movement patterns that reinforce a pain cycle.  As pain is reduced and tightness resolves, posture and organized movement can be enhanced, reinforcing movement patterns that are healthy and pain free.

What are the Benefits?

Rolfing SI has the ability to dramatically alter a person's posture and structure. The Rolfing® Structural Integration Ten Series is a progressive series of manual therapy sessions and helps to integrate the body as a whole.  When the body begins to find balance in gravity- pain is often reduced, and mobility improves.   These beneficial gains are further enhanced, reinforced, and integrated with Pilates apparatus and equipment, evidence based exercises and Movement Education.  Movement in this regard helps to further facilitate new muscle memory and proper muscle balance.  Rolfing encourages the body to improve alignment and balance of skeletal structures in relationship to muscles.  Pilates encourages the muscle memory associated with supporting the stability of these structures in movement.  Both Rolfing and Pilates help to improve spatial awareness and movement memory and to enhance control of movement, coordination, timing of muscle activation of whole body movement or Whole Body Kinetics.


Pilates is also an excellent choice for people who have suffered past injuries or with painful conditions.  Brendan’s past experience in physical therapy offers  extensive knowledge working with many individuals with a wide range of conditions and injuries.  Polestar Pilates is a certification that physical therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors obtain to bridge Pilates and rehabilitation.  Whole Body Kinetics will work with your abilities in a supportive, non-destructive manner. 


Research has shown that Rolfing SI significantly reduces chronic stress and changes in the body structure. Research also demonstrates Rolfing SI creates a more efficient use of muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates more economical and refined patterns of movement. 

Whole Body Kinetics can help you achieve the following:

  • Reduced pain.
  • Improve mobility and movement, posture, balance, movement control and  functional strength.
  • Improve muscle tone, reaction time and coordination.
  • Strengthen your core & body.
  • Enhance breath and integrate body & mind.
  • Enhance concentration, mental focus, and movement perception.
  • Move with control, precision & rhythm.
  • Develop flow in unrestricted, natural movement.
  • Balanced muscle development.
  • Improve posture related to scoliosis.
Existing clients may receive 10% off a single Rolfing session for each friend or family member they refer to Whole Body Kinetics for Rolfing. (Not valid in combination with another promotional or seasonal discount.)

Meet Brendan Gibbs

Brendan is a Certified Rolfing® Structural Integrator and Comprehensive Certified Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Teacher - PMA® .  In addition, he is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Massage Therapist.  He specializes in whole body movement and postural organization by identifying individual bio-tensegrity movement patterns and working with needs of individual clients.  In his time off he enjoys hiking, meditation, Pilates, yoga and travel. 

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