Structural Integration and Pilates

Why combine Structural Integration and Pilates? The “short” answer is that they are complementary to achieving goals such as reduced pain, regaining muscular balance, improving joint alignment, posture, flexibility, strength and mobility. Both modalities will enhance athletic performance, improve longevity to professional or recreational activities, improve endurance, reduce pain and enhance overall quality of life. Most clients report feeling taller, younger, improved mood, a boost to their energy levels, reduced pain, balanced, more aware of their bodies and more mindful in participation of activities.

Let’s look at Structural Integration and Pilates in more detail. Structural Integration is a progressive, whole body, manual therapy approach to improving posture, restoring muscular balance, reducing pain and improving proper joint alignment. Pilates is a system of exercises using specialized apparatus, springs and other equipments that is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, muscular balance, proper joint alignment, self awareness, self image and mental focus and reduction of pain.

By combining the Ten Series of Rolfing® Structural Integration and Pilates you reap the benefits of both to correct underlying imbalances and build long-term stability and improved movement patterns. As a result you will enjoy more energy, feel younger and stand taller, feel more balanced, have less pain, improve strength, flexibility and be ready to take on the world with renewed zest.