Rolfing® SI is a method of reducing muscle tension and pain from effects of gravity, injury, repetitive motion, physical or other trauma. People come to Rolfing SI for a wide range of reasons. Many athletes, performers, dancers, artists, musicians, tech workers, service workers and hair stylists use Rolfing SI to improve performance, extend their careers and to reduce strains of repetitive motion. Rolfing can be a good option for those with nagging ongoing injuries. Many people who have been involved in accidents have found benefit with Rolfing at Whole Body Kinetics.

Scoliosis is a particular area of specialization at Whole Body Kinetics. Rolfing SI can be an extremely beneficial aspect for people with scoliosis and should be integrated to an overall scoliosis program. Those who are participating in a physical therapy treatment program, PT based Schorth Method scoliosis program, bracing strategies or chiropractic care would benefit from Rolfing SI. Unlike other ways of working with scoliotic curvatures- primarily working on rotation of curves, Rolfing SI takes a whole body approach.

Rolfing helps to improve structural balance in gravity, organize the interlocking fascia web of connective tissues and integrate the body as a whole. Rolfing may help to improve spinal length, to reduce rotations and improve balance in spinal curvatures. Movement strategies and adaptive Pilates for scoliosis at Whole Body Kinetics work well to support these goals.

Rolfing SI also works well for those who simply want to feel better, have more energy and improve flexibility. Others use Rolfing SI during life changing events as a method of remaining resilient towards stress or feel a need for change in their bodies. They see Rolfing SI as a way to reconnect with themselves (physically, emotionally) and to help achieve greater confidence (posture), improve energy levels, serenity, and joy.

Because gravity is ever present, and injuries are common, many people can benefit from Rolfing SI. While most people can benefit from the Rolfing Ten Series there are some people, with some conditions, who may have contraindications to this work. Please inform your Rolfer about all medical conditions you may have.