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Adjunct to Regenerative Medicine (Enhancement / Facilitation)

Always Small Groups in Private Setting

Ankle Pain / Sprain

Arthritis Management

Fire fighters

First Responders

Cross Fit Injury Management


Martial Art Injury Management

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Distance Runners


Restaurant Workers

Hair Stylists

Beginners Pilates

Head Ache / Migraine Sufferers

Foot Pain Sufferers

Back Pain Sufferers

Neck Pain Sufferers

Shoulder Pain Sufferers

Hip Pain Sufferers

Knee Pain Sufferers

Arm Pain Sufferers

Leg Pain Sufferers

Chronic Pain Sufferers

Meditation Enhancement

Sports Training

Sports Injury Management

Athletic Enhancement

Postural Improvement

Movement Enhancement

Scoliosis Sufferers

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Quick Correction Prior to Pilates

Pattern Recognition and Correction

Performing Arts Enhancement

Pilates (Private and Doubles)

Pilates for Corrective Exercise

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Post Injury Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy


Rolfing Structural Integration

Sports Therapy

Stress Reduction

Whole Body Fitness & Performance Integration