Dr. Rolf recognized that the body was not a collection of separate parts but is inherently a system of interconnected networks of tissues, called connective tissues or more generally called the fascia system. These connective tissues are everywhere in our body and surround, support, penetrate all of the muscles, bones, organs, and nerves. Rolfing® Structural Integration works on this web-like complex of connective tissues typically over the course of 10 sessions (but may be more) to release, realign and balance the whole body, thus potentially resolving discomfort, reducing compensation, and alleviating pain. This is a manual therapy process that works directly with the fascia system. Rolfing SI works to align, organize, and balance the body aiming to restore flexibility, revitalize energy, and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body and potentially have less pain. The Rolfing® Structural Integration Ten Series process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form and enhances postural efficiency and your freedom of movement. Rolfing may also consist of movement education to enhance movement patterns and spatial awareness. Clients often experience less pain, feel lighter, move easier and have more energy.

Rolfing® has a reputation for being deep work. If conducted by a Certified Rolfer®, the method is actually very gentle. We create lasting change by working through all the layers of tissue, from superficial to deep, over a course of the Ten Series.

The result is a reduction of strain patterns throughout the body. Current research demonstrates that Rolfing Structural Integration allows the body to conserve energy by creating efficient muscle use and refining movement patterns for economical use.