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Rolfing® Structural Integration (RSI) was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf and consists of a series of manual therapy sessions that focus on layers of fascia (superficial, deep and visceral), myofascia (muscle fascia). It is provided over a series of sessions and designed to organize the body in gravity, balance and improve efficient - economical use of movement. Rolfing also utilizes a system of movement education to enhance movement and spacial awareness. Clients often experience less pain, feel lighter, move easier and have more zest for life.

Rolfing® has a reputation for being deep work. If conducted by a Certified Rolfer®, the method is actually very gentle. We create lasting change by working through all the layers of tissue, from superficial to deep, over a course of the "Ten Series" or more sessions.

The result is a reduction of strain patterns throughout the body. Current research demonstrates that RSI allows the body to conserve energy by creating efficient muscle use and refining movement patterns for economical use.