Polestar Pilates was designed by Brent Anderson, DPT and has been used by physical therapists and other certified Pilates Teachers and utilized in the PT context.  Polestar Pilates is rehabilitative at its very core and is supported by science and evidence based methodology.  Brendan Gibbs is a Polestar Pilates graduate and where he focuses the majority of his continuing education at.  

In addition, Brendan has been blessed to have trained with Pilates Elders such as Mary Bowen who learned Pilates directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates.  Whole Body Kinetics also has the honor of using specialized equipment for movement education and Structural Integration, that has been designed by Mary Bowen herself.  

Whole Body Kinetics focuses on Pilates for Structural Integration that supports the goals of Rolfing SI, utilizing a wide range of Pilates apparatus to focus on learning, improving movement choreography during private sessions.  The use of spring loaded resistance facilitates spine stabilizers and core strength in all the planes of motion.  This stabilization creates a healthy and efficient movement pattern by organizing the posture of the client.  Pilates also helps to improve strength and flexibility and integrate extremities (arms and legs) to the spine.  At Whole Body Kinetics, Pilates for Structural Integration focuses on deep core strength, postural and structural support, movement sequencing, breathing and supports the goals of the Rolfing Ten Series.