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Pilates is a system of exercises using specialized apparatus, springs and other equipments that is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, self awareness, self image and mental focus.

It was designed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century and has been used by dancers to restore muscle imbalances and acquire more efficient movement patterns.

Pilates is an excellent method of rehabilitation and corrective exercise. Pilates is similar to yoga in it’s whole body awareness, and the development of the mind, but also focuses more specifically on core strengthening and correction of structural imbalances.

At Whole Body Kinetics, we provide state-of-the-art pilates equipment. The use of spring loaded resistance facilitates spine stabilizers in all three planes of motion. This stabilization creates healthy and efficient movement pattern by organizing the posture of the client. This special equipment is only used for our private pilates classes allowing Brendan to provide one-on-one guidance for most efficient body work.

Semi-private pilates classes use floor mats and other props. These classes are ideal to boost your beneficial experience in receiving the Rolfing® Structural Integration Ten Series.