Movement Education consists of movement strategies that improve ergonomics, body mechanics, integration of Rolfing Ten Series and manual therapy session progression and sensory stimulation or challenge sensory perception.  Movement Education may also include flexibility, strengthening and or Pilates exercises to improve core strength, postural deviations, impairments related to injury and enhance overall well-being.  Movement Education is helpful to integrate the changes occurring throughout the Rolfing Series and should be practiced between sessions.  

Whole Body Kinetics uses a comprehensive approach to create lasting change, self-awareness, reduce pain and improve overall response to postural / structural exercises, Pilates, and integration of Rolfing.  

Structural changes achieved in the Ten Series will continue to integrate into your body after completion as your body finds a new orientation to gravity.  Tailored movement education helps maximize these results so you can find structural balance. In addition, we provide a short exercise program that you are encouraged to practice at home to facilitate structural changes along the way. 

To boost your experience in receiving the Rolfing Ten Series it is also recommended to take in a few Private Pilates sessions during the course of Rolfing, in addition to Movement Education.  Once the Rolfing series is completed, weekly online group mat Pilates classes are an economic way to maintain lasting changes from a more generalized core fitness perspective.  Practicing Pilates regularly creates changes in posture, flexibility / tone, structure, and bodily awareness. 

Overall, Movement Education and Pilates help the Rolfing 10 Series by enhancing and refining your movement patterns that are directly affecting your structural alignment and wellness.