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Whole Body Kinetics & Structural Wellness uses a comprehensive approach to create lasting change. We combine Rolfing® Structural Integration, Pilates and Movement Education to enhance learning, self awareness and improve overall response to corrective exercises.  

Structural changes attained in the Ten Series will continue to integrate into your body after completion as your body finds new orientation to gravity.  Our tailored movement education helps maximize these results so you can find structural balance. In addition, we provide a short exercise program that you are encouraged to practice at home to facilitate structural changes along the way. 

To boost your beneficial experience in receiving the Ten Series it is also recommended to partake in at least three private Pilates lessons and continue with duet sessions (Doubles) throughout and after the Ten Series. Pilates privates lessons and duet classes are designed to improve goals set forth in Rolfing® Structural Integration such as spine mobility & spine stability, posture, muscle tone and movement control. Practicing Pilates regularly creates changes in posture, flexibility / tone, structure and bodily awareness.  Overall, Pilates develops and refines your movement patterns that are directly affecting your structural alignment and wellness.