Whole Body Kinetics Grand Opening

We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of Whole Body Kinetics on Clark St. & Berwyn Ave in Andersonville, Chicago. Whole Body Kinetics offers Rolfing Structural Integration, Pilates (Private / Semi-Private) and Functional Movement Integration to help improve pain disorders, support athletic enhancement and rehabilitation.

Whole Body Kinetics specializes in post physical therapy services, helping clients ease back into their pain-free activities and fitness exercises following physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. We support your transition post injury and help you achieve long-term proper joint alignment and muscle balance in a safe and non-destructive manner. Your newly found balance allows you to move at greater ease and with higher efficiency, which helps prevent future injuries.

Whole Body Kinetics also helps individuals who may have developed aches and pains related to athletic and recreational activities such as running, road cycling, dancing and golf, among others. Our certified practitioner, Brendan Gibbs, applies a variety of methods to help achieve your goals!