Bridging the Gap of Health Care Services and Fitness Industry

It’s an unfortunate trend that more and more health insurance companies are hindering access to services like Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care by setting a fixed number of yearly visits, high deductibles and required co-pays for services. This is an unfortunate trend in the American Healthcare Market today and there are fewer and fewer yearly or approved visits while the cost of deductibles and co-insurance keeps going up.

The consequence is that people often receive only a portion of the care that they require to fully recover and heal. The community needs practitioners that cost effectively and knowledgeable manage an injury post rehab, or supplementary to physical therapy, chiropractic services or acupuncture. You should not have to ask yourself, “What now?” after you finished your allotted health care services, chiropractic or physical therapy. “How can I prevent future injury?”, “Am I fit enough to resume or even increase my previous fitness activities?”.

Whole Body Kinetics provides answers by bridging the gap of health care services and fitness industry. We focus on health and movement integration in the whole body by combining Rolfing, Pilates and Movement Integration to achieve long-lasting change in your movement patterns. We don’t think it sufficient to simply manage symptoms, which tends to focus on local areas of pain.

We achieve this by applying comprehensive whole body manual therapy in the form of Structural Integration as well as whole body form of corrective exercise that supports a variety of functional activities as seen in Pilates. Structural alignment and balance is gained while pain is reduced. This is coupled with the nearly 20 years of experience Brendan Gibbs has as a licensed Physical Therapy Provider.

While we do not accept health insurance plans you may still have availability to meet health insurance deductibles with Health Savings Accounts, Flex Spending Accounts, contribute to deductibles in PPO Plans or request reimbursement for an out-of-network provider. Please check with your health insurance carrier for more details.

Taken together, Whole Body Kinetics helps curb rising healthcare cost by providing cost effective and quality lasting strategies. Our supportive, complementary and skilled care is delivered with integrity and enthusiasm. We focus on your goals while improving overall structural integrity that is often the leading cause of pain, dysfunction and imbalances. We help you achieve long-term changes and improvement in quality of life.