Brendan Gibbs

Brendan is a Certified Rolfer® Structural Integrator and Comprehensive Certified Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Teacher – PMA®. In addition, he is a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Certified Massage Therapist.
Clinical experience includes physical therapy in orthopedics and manual therapy while living in Chicago after graduating from a Physical Therapist Assistant program in 2000. Upon moving to California in 2006, Brendan began working in integrative holistic health care. An opportunity to live in Denver came about and while living there, Brendan helped manage the Health and Safety Wellness Program at the Denver Fire Department (DFD) as an adjunct to Physical Therapy.
It was at this time that he found an interest in Pilates and attended certification teacher training through Polestar Pilates with focus on Comprehensive Pilates for Rehabilitation and Specialized Exercise Therapy. He decided to continue his education at the Doctor Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO.  This helped to greatly expand upon his knowledge in manual therapy skills.
Brendan returned to Chicago in 2017, and focuses on applying Rolfing® Structural Integration, Movement Education and uses Pilates to help achieve balanced  integrated bodies. Brendan has extensive knowledge of orthopedics, manual therapies, kinesiology, anatomy, and physiology.

“When we feel better and have less pain, we have more energy to participate fully in life. Then we begin to improve our relationships. We can have stronger sense of self, stronger families and build stronger communities. When we have a stronger community, we can develop a stronger society. It begins with an individual choice to improve health. Improving posture and the body language we use to express ourselves as well as moving gracefully without pain are critical to achieving our endeavors in life.”

Ilana Faust

Ilana has been teaching Pilates for 13 years. She was introduced to it back home in Argentina by a fellow dancer. While trying to make it as an actress in the US, Ilana rediscovered Pilates and became classically trained. She then became fascinated with anatomy and become a teacher full time. Ilana has experience working both in the fitness world and in boutique Pilates studios and believes we can be healthy at every size. Her approach is dynamic and fun, but safe, and appropriate for the client. While Ilana is no longer performing, she is finishing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling which makes her availability limited. She plans to continue teaching after graduation and is committed to bringing her experience as a somatic practitioner into her new career. You can Find Ilana at Whole Body Kinetics on Mondays and Thursdays from 8am to 2pm. Reach out to for a consult.


Sterling Lato

Sterling is a native Californian who prefers the beautiful seasons of the Midwest. She fled the corporate world to become a personal trainer early in 2013 after realizing her passion was being in the gym, helping others physically and mentally. A lifelong adrenaline junkie and athlete – running, competitive swimming, mountain climbing, motorcycle racing, and skydiving – if it will get her heart rate up, she will give it a try!

Sterling was introduced to Pilates in 2009 to correct injury-causing muscular imbalances. Pilates became such an integral part of her life that she became an instructor in 2014. Sterling further her Pilates training by becoming certified through Polestar Pilates in 2023 to help those individuals with injury management needs and orthopedic rehabilitation considerations. With her personal training background, Sterling loves to incorporate traditional strength training movements to her classes. Thanks to Pilates, she has been able to continue a few of her hobbies and has recently added triathlon races (and one marathon, never to be repeated).  You can find Sterling at Whole Body Kinetics on Mondays and Thursdays from  2:30pm until 7pm. Reach out to for a consult.